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Meals on Wheels is now Meals on Wheels is now Scootsy

Sunil saraf Meals on Wheels Founder

It's time to embrace Scootsy for a better future.

18 years ago Meals On Wheels launched as the first food delivery service in India, bringing together restaurants with customers and fast reliable delivery through one contact number. We started with 10 restaurants, and currently offer service from 70+, with a customer base of 20,000+.

Driven by new customer needs we’ve transitioned Meals on Wheels to Scootsy so we can offer you more in every way.

In addition to more restaurants, we’ve implemented dynamic management, cutting edge technology and wider product offerings.

I am an integral part of Scootsy and promise that the legacy of Meals on Wheels service will continue.

Thanks for your support. See you on Scootsy!

Sunil saraf sign

Sunil Saraf, Meals on Wheels Founder